Secrets of the Perfect Pizza

The quest to bake the perfect pizza at home can be an arduous one. Your kitchen oven simply cannot reach the temperature needed for the ultimate pizza and of course, there would be zero wood flavour. Many other braai brands on the market claiming to be “as good as the Egg but a lot cheaper” […]

The Ultimate Guide to Low and Slow Cooking

The Big Green Egg outdoor cooker is a beast of a machine with a multitude of uses. Award-winning chefs and restaurants employ them as do backyard braaiers who love the Egg for its versatility. Low and Slow cooking is a firm favourite as we start heading into slightly cooler weather. One of the main differences […]

3 Course Valentine’s Menu

Over the 4 decades Big Green Egg has been in existence, we’ve heard “Why do you need another grill” or variations thereof, a good number of times. This normally comes from a significant other when their partner stops to admire the Big Green Egg at a show, exhibition or in-store. Now, you’ve done your research […]

Smokin’ Gift Ideas

Turn the heat up with these Valentine’s Gift Ideas for the foodie: Dual Side Cast Iron Grid :  Achieve restaurant-like sear marks with the super heat conductivity of cast iron and cook the best steak ever! Silicone BBQ Mitt : FDA-approved, the BPA-free patterned silicone surface ensures a secure grip and is designed to withstand temperatures of over 200°C. Guaranteed to make the wearer […]

Best of 2016

This made you happy in 2016: Large Big Green Egg: Followed closely by the XL EGG , the Large remains the most popular size EGG globally and for good reason. It’s perfect for entertaining small or bigger crowds, can accommodate the most accessories and is ready to go in less than 30 minutes. Aluminium Pizza Peel : Need proof that the EGG is more […]