The Classics only Better

Big Green Egg may be the world leader in ceramic grills and distributed globally, but nothing beats true South African classics. We’ve reinvented some classic recipes and given them a lekker local twist. Starter: Hot smoked snoek pâté with Melba Toast Mains: Bobotie pizza with pineapple chutney  Dessert: Mosbolletjie Amarula Milk Tart Jaffles

Top 7 Father’s Day Puddings

Whether based on fact, cultural conditioning or clever marketing, there seems to be a difference between how men and women view desserts. If TV ads are to be believed, a tub of Häagen Daz is quite acceptable as a cure for women’s heartbreak while men prefer to “sweat it out” at the gym or over […]

Secrets of the Perfect Pizza

The quest to bake the perfect pizza at home can be an arduous one. Your kitchen oven simply cannot reach the temperature needed for the ultimate pizza and of course, there would be zero wood flavour. Many other braai brands on the market claiming to be “as good as the Egg but a lot cheaper” […]

The Ultimate Guide to Low and Slow Cooking

The Big Green Egg outdoor cooker is a beast of a machine with a multitude of uses. Award-winning chefs and restaurants employ them as do backyard braaiers who love the Egg for its versatility. Low and Slow cooking is a firm favourite as we start heading into slightly cooler weather. One of the main differences […]

3 Course Valentine’s Menu

Over the 4 decades Big Green Egg has been in existence, we’ve heard “Why do you need another grill” or variations thereof, a good number of times. This normally comes from a significant other when their partner stops to admire the Big Green Egg at a show, exhibition or in-store. Now, you’ve done your research […]