Chefs and Recipes

Award-winning Chefs and the world’s top restaurants are enhancing their guests’ culinary experience and expanding their menus by adding the unique versatility and quality of the Big Green Egg to their commercial kitchens. From traditional Braai and potjies, to perfect roasts, steaks, pizzas, bread and signature smoked dishes – the Big Green Egg cooks it all. Browse our recipes for ideas.

Anina Meyer

Anina's Recipes

"Controlling the temperature for different types of cooks is super easy and effective."
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Ash Heeger Review

ASH Restaurant

"Easy, Economic, Slick."
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Reuben Riffel

Reuben's Restaurants

"Possibilities are endless!"
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Maritz Jacobs

Longridge Wine Estate

"It really is a case of buying an EGG for life!"
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Margot Janse

The Tasting Room

"It’s the closest thing I’ve found to a tandoori oven without actually being a tandoor as it is capable of reaching very high temperatures. The result is really delicious."
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