Beware of imitations

If it doesn’t say Big Green Egg then it’s not a Big Green Egg

Big_Green_Egg_headingThe Big Green Egg is the only outdoor cooker of its type that offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY. This is because we are confident that our products are built to last a lifetime.

Here are some of the features that are unique to the Big Green Egg.

Dome Design

The distinctive shape of the Big Green Egg is a result of years of testing to find the perfect shape for optimal heat retention and airflow.

Enamel Coating

The signature green coating of the Big Green Egg is a proprietary ceramic enamel that is baked at temperatures above 1,400 C for many hours. This results in a durable surface that will not crack, fade or degrade even if left outside uncovered.

Ceramic Interior

The Big Green Egg interior undergoes a rigorous testing process over time to produce a surface that can withstand the high heat that the Big Green Egg is capable of producing and can be rapidly cooled without cracking or degrading. Inferior products tested under the conditions that we apply to our Eggs, rarely meet the same standard.


Do you want to trust a product that has been manufactured to ISO9001 standards and independently lab tested, or a product that hasn’t?

Heat Insulation

Only the Big Green Egg offers a true thermal insulation rating that holds the heat inside the vessel. This is an important safety feature when cooking at high temperatures, as the exterior of the Egg remains relatively cool. It is also one of the main benefits of the Big Green Egg – the heat is retained inside the Egg which improves food flavour and charcoal efficiency.

After Sales Service

Customer service is a cornerstone of the Big Green Egg brand and we pride ourselves on always being available and responsive to our customer’s needs.

Quality manufacturing

Everything about the Big Green Egg is driven by quality. Starting with the pure ceramic mix that is free from any impurites to the design of every accessory has been developed and perfected over years.

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