Most Popular EGGcessories of 2015

These are the cooking accessories you stocked up with in 2015:

Stainless steel Burger slider basket: Not only are these great for mini burger sliders, they’re also perfect for flipping delicate fish, mushrooms and other small vegetables – in one go!

Jack Daniels wood chunks: Of course, Pecan, Apple, Cherry and Hickory remained firm favourites throughout the year, but our Jack Daniels wood chunks and chips came out tops!

Half Moon Ceramic Baking Stone: Enjoy the best of both worlds – direct grilling and indirect baking at the same time.

Ash Tool and Ash Remover Pan: A must have for an Big Green Egg owner, this handy combo makes cleaning your EGG easy.

EZ Stuff-a-Burger press: Homemade hamburgers beat fast food any time of the day and with our burger press, it’s quicker and easier too!

Resin Cutting Board:  Because green is our favourite colour too!

Round Drip Pan and Perforated Porcelain Grid: Delicately smoke your food while preventing even the tiniest of morsels to fall through the grid.

Premium Tool Set: This 3 piece cooking tool set, consisting of a pair of tongs, spatula and fork, scored big in the “Value for Money” category.




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