Chefs and Recipes

Award-winning Chefs and the world’s top restaurants are enhancing their guests’ culinary experience and expanding their menus by adding the unique versatility and quality of the Big Green Egg to their commercial kitchens.   From traditional Braai and potjies, to perfect roasts, steaks, pizzas, bread and signature smoked dishes – the Big Green Egg cooks it all.  Browse our recipes for ideas.

Bertus Basson


“It’s the bomb!  It’s an all-in-one charcoal cooker on steroids that can cook just about anything in any way.”  …more 


reuben riffel

Reuben Riffel

Reuben’s restaurants

“The possibilities are endless”more


Franck Dangereux

The Food Barn

“There’s simply no better way to roast a chicken; an oven doesn’t come close to the flavours you get with charcoal. And because the Egg heats consistently and is controllable, you get a chicken with a lovely crisp skin and moist, tender meat inside.” …more

 Jorg_PfutznerJörg Pfützner

Fine Wine Events

“I love cooking meat but I know friends who are cooking pizzas and all sorts of things on their Eggs. I like to cook ostrich or fish as a starter with the Egg good and hot, then sear a large piece of meat, lower the temperature and leave it for  hours until it’s literally falling off the bone.”  …more


Peter Tempelhoff

Relais & Chateaux

“I love my Egg – it’s so versatile and controllable. Definitely a good investment for anyone who wants to get excellent results from their outdoor cooking. You don’t have to be a chef to use one, once you get the hang of it, anyone can use it and start experimenting with the other features.” …more


 Marc Kent

Boekenhoutskloof Winemaker

“With the Egg, I can set the temperature exactly and it will do its thing for hours and hours on a really small amount of charcoal.  I get the brisket in first thing in the morning and by the time evening rolls around that meat is just falling off the bone.”…more


Richard PoyntonRichard Poynton

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse

“The temperature control is phenomenal and it keeps the food you are cooking moist and full of flavour.”…more



JP Rossouw

Rossouw’s Restaurants,

“My guests have been known to get quite green with Egg envy!”…more


 Duncan_DohertyDuncan Doherty

Celebrity Chef

“Since I got a Big Green Egg, my other kettle braai hasn’t left my garage.”…more



Neil Jewell, Bread and Wine

Neil Jewell

Bread and Wine

“When I saw the Big Green Egg, I knew that it was the perfect solution.”…more 


 Graham_NeilsonGraham Neilson

9th Avenue, Bistro

“I’ve never been disappointed by anything cooked in the Big Green Egg”…more


Caroline McCann_pic

Caroline McCann

Braeside Meat Market

“I love that Egg!”…more 


Sam-LinsellSam Linsell

Drizzle and Dip

“The temperature is very easy to control on the Big Green Egg so the food cooks very evenly.”…more


 Marthinus_FerreiraMarthinus Ferreira



“They are good looking and an essential piece of kitchen equipment”…more


 Margot_JanseMargot Janse

The Lounge Bar


“It’s the closest thing I’ve found to a tandoori oven without actually being a tandoor as it is capable of reaching very high temperatures.  The result is really delicious.”…more



Kerry Gibson

RSVP Catering


“You simply cannot compare the smoky charred flavour you get from a charcoal grill like the EGG!”…more



 Justin_BonnelloJustin Bonello

Ultimate Braai Master Host


 “Slow roasts are one of my favourite things to make in the Egg”…more 



Arnold Tanzer

Tanzer Foods

“It’s a synch to create awesome pizzas at home!”…more


Steve Maresch The Local Grill

 Steve Maresch

The Local Grill

“It looks spectacular; a real top-end aspirational product!”…more


Chef Jacqui Brown_1

Jacqui Brown

Ginja Media

“It’s an amazing smoker”…more

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