Jörg Pfützner

internationally trained and certified sommelier

Having worked at top restaurants in Hamburg and Cape Town, he started his own businesses: The Riesling Club, whose members have access to top European bottlings; and Fine Wine Events, which celebrates wine with specifically themed fine-wine and food tastings and festivals.

Jörg has had his Big Green Egg since March and it is now his number one outdoor cooking device.


 How often do you use your Big Green Egg?

I used it during summer all the time and it made for some memorable evenings of hassle-free entertainment.  I love it!  You can just light it, close it and forget about it until you want to cook.

What sort of dishes have you been cooking?

Mostly meat, as I love meat but I know friends who are cooking pizzas and all sorts of things on their Eggs.  I like to sear some ostrich or fish as a starter with the Egg good and hot, then sear a large piece of meat, lower the temperature and leave it for a few hours until it’s literally falling off the bone.

What do you do while waiting for the main course?

My braais last several hours and, being a wine person, there is lots of wine, good conversation and snacks to keep us going while the Egg does its thing.  It’s actually better if you don’t keep checking the Egg as the closed lid retains all of the heat, moisture and flavours.

What’s been your most successful dish?

I’ve had brilliant results with a leg of lamb.  Just take a leg of lamb, season with rosemary, garlic and thyme with a little salt and pepper and sear the meat on high to seal, then bring the Egg temperature right down and cook for as long as possible. It’s delicious.

What wine recommendations would you suggest with this dish?

Lamb contains a lot of fat which means that it stands up well to a robust, full tannin red wine.  The protein and fat in the lamb will work with the wine to offset any bitterness.  A South African Bordeaux style blend or a bold, well structured Syrah would be perfect.

What’s the best thing about the Big Green Egg?

The ease of use is one of the great things – I want to entertain my guests and not spend the whole time preparing and checking food.  I’m also amazed at how little ash is produced.  The Egg uses minimal charcoal and most of it is burnt completely during cooking so there’s nothing left to clean out at the end.

Would you recommend Big Green Egg?

Of course, I love it!  I’d wanted one ever since I saw people queuing up to have a look at them at the Constantia Food and Wine Festival early this year. I’ve got my Egg in pride of place, under a lovely old oak tree in my garden and that’s where I do all of my outdoor entertaining.  I haven’t looked at another braai since getting my Egg and I’m planning to treat myself to some more accessories soon.

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