Sam Linsell

Cook, food stylist and blogger

Sam Linsell has loved cooking for as long as she can remember.  Her food philosophy is to experiment with new techniques, ideas and flavours, and generally try to take the fuss out of any method.

How long have you been using the Big Green Egg?

I’ve had a Big Green Egg for about a year.

Was it easy for you to get the hang of it?

As a very inexperienced braaier I needed a few lessons on the basics of starting a fire, But after I figured out the ins and outs of this and used the right fire- starting equipment it became easy for me.

What’s your favourite thing to cook?

I love to use the Big Green Egg as an oven so I have slowly braised pork ribs in it, baked bread, roasted vegetables and used it as a fantastic pizza oven. You can use it as an oven and then convert it to grill mode and finish whatever you had roasting if you need.  The temperature is very easy to control on the Big Green Egg so the food bakes / cooks very evenly and I found the recipes I did worked perfectly in it. The smoky charred flavour comes through in a subtle way which adds so much value.

Tell us about your pizza experiments?

My initial attempts were not great, as I couldn’t get the Big Green Egg hot enough.  It turns out that I was using the wrong type of charcoal.  You need good quality, lump wood charcoal to get the best results from the Egg.  Once I did this, the Egg reached temperatures over 400°C and was hot enough to cook a pizza that was just like an authentic wood-fired pizza.

What do your friends think of the Egg?

Most people I know are quite envious of my Big Green Egg, they think that the dishes I create on it are delicious, but then I am a good cook!  I spend a great deal of time explaining how wonderful it is to those who haven’t yet experienced one.

What’s the best thing about cooking on an Egg?

I love to use it as an oven the most and love how you can control the temperature so easily. The flavour of the food is great and the ability to cook outside while socialising with friends is a real treat.

Are you using your Big Green Egg regularly?

I would like to use it more, but managing a busy life and living on my own makes this a little tricky. I tend to use it when I entertain and this is mainly in summer.

Do you find it economical as far as charcoal consumption is concerned?

In order to make the Big Green Egg work at its best you need to use proper lump wood charcoal which is more expensive, but given the quality and overall experience it is well worth it.  Also, the Big Green Egg can cook for a very long time – I’ve used it for hours on end.

Many people report that the Big Green Egg is easy to clean.  Has this been your experience?

Because the charcoal burns out very efficiently, there is very little ash left to clean after a cooking session. It is easily brushed out of the catchment area underneath.

For more of Sam Linsell’s delicious recipes, check out her blog at Drizzle and Dip

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