Steve Maresch

The Local Grill

Chef and Owner

Steve Maresch, long-time restaurateur and owner of The Local Grill, had the opportunity to experiment with a Large Big Green Egg and shares with us his thoughts.

While experimenting with the Big Green Egg, you shared with us your terrific “Smokey Goulash Soup” recipe which was perfect for Winter. What else did you cook on the Big Green Egg during that time?

One of the first things I cooked on the EGG was a country-style chicken pot pie. I roasted off a chicken using some of The Local Grill’s wood staves and made a side mix of mushrooms, red onions, carrots, some chicken stock and wine. After deboning the chicken, I poured this mix over the chicken into an ovenproof dish and topped it with some Woolworths puff pastry. Cooked in the EGG, it was perfect and a pie like this really goes far.

Your restaurant, The Local Grill, is well-known and an award-winning steakhouse. We know that steaks require high heat for that perfect sear, which is very easily achieved on a Big Green Egg. Would you say the EGG is good for other types of cooking as well?

Absolutely! Smoking on the EGG is fantastic and you just can’t do “low and slow” on any other type of cooker like you can on the Big Green Egg. I was also very impressed by how easy and delicious pizzas baked in the EGG were.

The Big Green Egg is globally used by the world’s best restaurants. What makes this a good option for a restaurateur, such as yourself, looking to invest in one?

The Egg looks spectacular and really is a top-end “aspirational” type of product. I’ve been very proud to cook on one! Because the heat is retained within the EGG, it’s also very safe. So, if your commercial kitchen is looking for something “showy” that works really well, it is a good investment.

Was there anything you didn’t try on the Big Green Egg that you wish you had?

At the time, I didn’t have the right type of charcoal, so I did battle a bit with getting the temperature high enough. I’ve been very excited to hear that you’re launching Big Green Egg All Natural Lump Charcoal which should work very well. I, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to cook a brisket or a shin roll which would have been perfect on the Egg.

In addition to The Local Grill in Parktown North and Woodstock, what else can we expect from Steve Maresch in 2015?

Big Green Egg is the first to hear about this outside of our circle, but the Western Cape can look forward to “Wellington Local Grill Graze” in early 2015!

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