Flat Pizza / Baking Stone 30cm


The Big Green Egg Pizza and Baking Stone is a versatile piece of cookware for baking a variety of recipes from pizzas to breads to desserts.

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The Big Green Egg pizza and baking stone distributes heat for even baking and browning and the ceramics pull moisture from the outer surface of the dough for brick oven crustiness. The Pizza / Baking Stone retains heat, so your foods stay hot longer.


  • Diameter: 30cm
  • Pizza & Baking Stone 30cm – fits the 2XLarge, XLarge, Large, Medium, Small and MiniMax EGGs
  • Best fit for MINIMAX, Small and Medium EGGs.
  • Specialty ceramics are able to retain high temperatures necessary for pizza baking
  • Visit our Pizza Recipes for EGGcellent suggestions and tips.

Suggested Best Size Fit:

Pizza & Baking Stone 53cm – fits the 2XLarge and XLarge EGGs

Pizza & Baking Stone 35cm – fits the 2XLarge, XLarge and Large EGGs

Pizza & Baking Stone 30cm – Medium, Small and MiniMax EGGs

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