South Africa. Stronger. Together.

We are deeply shocked by the upheaval that has taken place in several parts of South Africa where many of our businesses are located over the last weeks. Some of our staff, clients and suppliers have been direct victims of looting and violence over the last week and we are all understandably anxious about the impact now and into the future on our communities and our country.

Please be assured that Rockwood Leisure is fully operational across all our business areas albeit with a slightly altered sense of reality. Our primary concern currently is for the safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients and suppliers, and the local communities and organisations we support.

We are grateful to all our staff, both office, sales and lodge staff who have continued to provide services when they were able to. Our physical offices are now open as we work towards restoring some semblance of normality. All COVID regulations will be followed.

Our deliveries are set to resume this week. Although, the situation may evolve and change, we will continue to adapt and respond to developments as they arise.We appreciate your patience.

As a business, we encourage all individuals and communities to continue to do what is right and good to bring an end to the violence, destruction and instability that can only do harm, and work together to rebuilding the brand of this beautiful country, South Africa.

Please be kind to each other.

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