Bertus Basson’s Grilled Entrecote of Beef

Spice Rub for Entrecote Bertus Basson 1

  • 30g Coarse salt
  • 20g Sugar
  • 15g Coriander powder
  • 15g Paprika
  • 5g Garlic flakes
  • 5g Peppercorns
  • 5g Onion powder
  • 5g Thyme
  • Grind in a grinder to just before it becomes fine.

Rub generously over the entrecote and refrigerate for an hour.


Cook on a high heat with a Big Green Egg Cast Iron Dual Side Grid accessory until desired level of doneness.

Serve with Guacamole, grilled corn and cheesy tortillas all cooked on the Big Green Egg.

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