Anina Meyer

Anina Meyer is a self-taught food stylist and content creator and the mastermind behind Big Green Egg recipes like our festive “Boozy Rosemary and Peach Bacon Jam” and “Mosbolletjie Amarula Milk Tart Jaffles“. Anina owns a MiniMax Big Green Egg and shares her thoughts – and how they’ve changed in the last year she has been developing recipes for us.

You were first introduced to the Big Green Egg at our media launch in 2016. What were your initial thoughts and have they changed in the last year of “EGGing”?

I honestly did not know much about what the Egg can do and how it actually works, until I was introduced to it on that day. I thought it will be impossible as a woman to handle the heat and wasn’t sure how the temperature was to be controlled.  I was quickly surprised when I saw my malva puddings baked to perfection…My view has definitely changed, and the Egg is not as intimidating as I thought.

Which of all the recipes you have developed for Big Green Egg is your favourite and why?

My favorite recipe is definetly the malva puddings, as I was so surprised that the Egg does baking so well.

Describe the Big Green Egg Experience in 5 terms.
Exciting, Relaxing, Eye opening, Every time a success, bringing people together in the outdoors.

What would people be most surprised to know about the Big Green Egg?

That controlling the temperature for different cooks is super easy and effective, making baking a breeze.

What is the next recipe you’ll be cooking on your Big Green Egg?

I would be experimenting with more dessert recipes and would love to try more vegan/vegetarian recipes on the Egg.