Ash Heeger Review

We catch up with EGG owner and trailblazing chef, Ash Heeger of ASH Restaurant in Cape Town.

Cooking over coal is a global trend that’s here to stay, it seems. What’s your take on this?  

Charcoal cooking is extremely trendy at the moment, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of those fleeting trends that’s going to go away anytime soon. The backbone of our South African culture is to cook over a fire. For me it’s the only way to cook. There’s no comparison with regards to the flavour cooking over a fire imparts.

When we last collaborated (Heritage Day ’16), you cooked some pretty amazing lamb ribs and chicken wings. Why do you think the Big Green Egg is such a popular choice for restaurants both in SA and around the world?

Last year’s heritage day was great fun and we were very lucky to collaborate with Big Green Egg. We’re planning a similar bash this year – see our Events page for more details.

I’m not at all surprised that Big Green Egg is such a popular choice for restaurants around the world. The Eggs are extremely easy to use, multi purpose, easy to clean AND have a low fuel consumption. A clear winner.

Home-cooks and chefs are creating some really cool and innovative dishes on the EGG these days. What’s on your list to try?

I happen to have a large Egg at home and I use it really often. I love experimenting with heat, like cooking a beef brisket over a period of ten hours and throwing some root vegetables in the warm ashes to cook slowly. I think I’d like to try experimenting with puddings and desserts and see how it goes. The options are endless.

When kicking back at home with friends around the braai, what’s on your menu?

I always tend to go a little overboard when I host a braai. I think that’s just in my nature. I normally do a few different meat combinations. Something cooked low and slow like a lamb shoulder or neck, some chicken wings and braai broodjies for everyone to nibble on whilst we wait for the lamb to cook. Then turn the heat up and throw on some miles, potatoes, onions and garlic bread.

3 words to describe the Big Green Egg “EGGsperience” in your opinion?

Easy, Economic, Slick.