Reuben Riffel

Reuben has recently joined the Big Green Egg family. We catch up with him at his home in Franschhoek.

You’re a fairly recent Big Green Egg convert. What have you been cooking on your EGG at home?

Other than being able to cook the normal steaks, chicken and legs of lamb, I’ve cooked a lot of meats that need longer cooking like lamb shank, prime rib. My best was a Peking style duck.

The name Reuben Riffel is synonymous with braai in South Africa. What is it about outdoor cooking and cooking on the EGG in particular you love so much?

The reason people love to braai is part social, part anticipation and flavour. I love it because it relies on a more natural style of cooking. Heat regulation is not only about adjusting a button and setting a timer. Once you’ve mastered the temperature, timing etc. there’s a much deeper sense of achievement than cooking in a normal oven.

The Big Green Egg is known for being used by both award-winning chefs like yourself, as well as the home cook. Why do you think the EGG is so accessible and appealing to these two types of cooks on opposite sides of the cooking spectrum?

Professional chefs are always looking for new ways to improve or add flavour and it’s the same for the home cook. Once you’ve mastered the EGG, the possibilities to cook something amazing, are endless! Home cooks will definitely benefit from the EGG, of course.

Watch out for our series of instructional videos presented by Reuben on our YouTube channel.