Temperature Calibration

If you think your Big Green Egg© Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge is faulty, first ensure that the EGG is clean inside and that it contains a full load of charcoal. To calibrate the gauge, carefully place the stem of the gauge into a pot of boiling water, being careful not to rest the tip of the gauge against the bottom of the pan. We recommend holding the temperature gauge with a pair of pliers and wearing a heat resistant glove or mitt. Exercise EXTREME CAUTION as boiling water is very dangerous and can easily burn. After 1 minute, the temperature gauge should read 212◦F. If this is not the reading on the Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge, adjust the indicator by turning the nut on the underside using a 7/16” wrench rotating the nut in the direction required to align the pointer at the proper temperature. Repeat to check the gauge.

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