Cedar and Alder smoking planks: Think Planked Brie with Cranberry Relish – perfect party food.

Chef grade stainless steel flavour injector: Infuse the Christmas bird with extra flavour using this useful kitchen tool.

Stainless steel mini-burger slider basket: Keep the kids occupied – host a “DIY Burger Bash”!

Meat Claws: Let’s face it: Nothing brings out the caveman in you more than shredding a big hunk of meat! Trust us, this gift will go down a treat.

Magnetic flexible LED light: Because who wants to stop the party just when the sun goes down! Keep cooking well into the evening with this handy gadget.

Pitt Mitt High Heat Glove: Much appreciated when working with hot items like the ceramic baking stone or convEGGtor.

Baking Stones: Sure, a bit big to fit into a stocking, but when have we ever let that stop us! An absolute MUST HAVE for baking pizza, pastries and more.

Cast Iron Skillet and Grid (Cast Iron anything, really): Big toys for big boys! Cast Iron can be heated to super hot temps without cracking or failing. Searing a steak on one of these is a guaranteed winner.

Perforated Grill Wok: Come January, we know you’re going to want to grill some healthy veggies and what better way to still get that “braai” feeling than cooking them over coal.

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