Cleaning Your Egg

When it comes to cleaning your Big Green Egg, a light touch is key.

Cast Iron Care

The rEGGulator, Dual Function Metal Top and the Cast Iron Searing Grid all require a light brushing of oil. This will help prevent rusting and stop your food from sticking.

Our top tip: for best results, dab the grid with rapeseed oil. It has a higher burning temperature and won’t leave a bitter taste once burnt.

Unwanted Flavours

If you don’t want any cross-contamination of flavours, when lighting your EGG, give it time to burn off any residual fat from previous cooks.

Never Wash Your Metal Top

It will pick up oils from the smoke coming out of the egg and these create a protective barrier. If you find that the top is stuck, give it a few minutes to warm up and it should loosen.

Cleaning The Inside Of Your Egg

The Big Green Egg features a distinctive green exterior that maintains its good looks and wipes clean easily without chemical cleaners.

Inside, residual heat burns off any grease build-up – just like a self-cleaning oven. Other than removing ash, wiping the outside and brushing the cooking grid, regular cleaning isn’t necessary. Once a year or so, remove and brush off the internal parts to keep things cooking like new.


Never Wash Continues… 

Don’t wash your Cast Iron Searing Grid. it’s designed to be brushed down after use and then seasoned with oil.

Fat on your ConvEGGtor?

If you get fat or sauce on your ConvEGGtor, the best way to clean it is to burn it off at a very high temperature. Then brush it off using a Dual Brush Scrubber.

If you’re not using a drip pan, then you can cover your ConvEGGtor with aluminium foil.

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