How Do I Light My Egg

A Simple Guide to Load, Light, Extinguish and Relight Your Egg

Using your Big Green Egg starts when you ignite it and ends when you extinguish it after use.

How To Load & Light Your Egg


When igniting your EGG, you will need natural starters (e.g. our firelighters), long matches and of course the charcoal. You should preferably use charcoal that comes in nice big lumps, such as our Premium Organic Lump Charcoal. Never use briquettes, wood or other materials.

Step 1: Place the dual function rEGGulator on the dome of the EGG. This will allow you to control the air flow and the temperature in the EGG.

Step 2: Fill the ceramic fire box to the rim with charcoal and completely open the slide of the draft door in the ceramic base.

Step 3: Divide three charcoal firelighters over the charcoal and ignite them. The available oxygen will accelerate the ignition process. Leave the ceramic lid of the EGG open to allow the firelighters to burn off. 

Step 4: After about 10-15 minutes, the coals will start glowing nicely. Don’t be tempted to stoke the charcoal or move them around. The unique design of the EGG allows it to burn from the bottom of the ceramic firebox and disturbing the coals at this stage will affect its burning efficiency.

Step 5: Close the lid and enjoy a cold one as you wait for the accurate temperature control to take effect! It’s like cooking in your oven – outdoors!

Re-Lighting Your Egg

You will find that much of the charcoal you started out with for your previous cookout was not consumed. If you closed both the top and bottom openings when your finished cooking, the remaining charcoal can be reused. Before firing up the EGG, use an ash tool to rake the coals across the cast iron fire grate; the ash will fall through the holes in the grate and into the bottom of the EGG. Add charcoal if necessary to bring the level back to the top of the fire box.

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