Temperature Control and Calibration

A Step By Step Guide

Controlling The Temprature

The downfall of many similar braai’s, precise temperature control is only realistically achieved on the Big Green Egg. Enhance your culinary skill with this unique feature and say goodbye to burnt and unappetising dinners forever!

The top and bottom vents are designed to work together. If the temperature is too low, open both slightly. If the temperature is too high, close both slightly. Never close both vents entirely as you will cut off the air supply entirely and the EGG will not work properly.

Temprature Callibration

If you think your Big Green Egg© Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge is faulty, first ensure that the EGG is clean inside and that it contains a full load of charcoal.

To calibrate the gauge, carefully place the stem of the gauge into a pot of boiling water, being careful not to rest the tip of the gauge against the bottom of the pan. We recommend holding the temperature gauge with a pair of pliers and wearing a heat resistant glove or mitt.

Exercise EXTREME CAUTION as boiling water is very dangerous and can easily burn.

After 1 minute, the temperature gauge should read 100◦C / 212◦F. If this is not the reading on the Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge, adjust the indicator by turning the nut on the underside using a 7/16” wrench rotating the nut in the direction required to align the pointer at the proper temperature. Repeat to check the gauge.

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