Redefining The Braai

Patented Technology that really works!


The One And Only Big Green Egg

Let’s talk engineering. Our EGGS aren’t just pretty, they’re powered by advanced technology under the hood.

Always in Control

Ready to cook in 12 minutes. 80+ hours of cooking in one bag of charcoal. Easy depth of flavour, minimal clean-up, and the power to cook ANYTHING to a restaurant standard. With an EGG, you’re in safe hands. Let’s talk you through it.

The Big Green Egg Does Not Go Out In The Rain

Rain or shine (or snow for that matter), nothing will dampen the  performance of your EGG. It’s not a fair-weather investment, it’s a lifetime investment.

It’s Not About The Size, Its What You Do With It

The EGG will safely cook large joints of meat with ease. Whole chickens, racks of ribs, shoulders of pork, you name it: the Big Green Egg will do it justice. Remember: it’s not a normal piece of kit.

Space-Age Technology in a Braai

The top-grade insulating ceramics will elongate your burn and maximise your cooking time. Walk away for hours in the confidence the EGG’s temperature will remain rock solid and your food will be cooked to perfection.

Big Green Egg Components and how they work

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