This made you happy in 2016:

  1. Large Big Green Egg: Followed closely by the XL EGG, the Large remains the most popular size EGG globally and for good reason. It’s perfect for entertaining small or bigger crowds, can accommodate the most accessories and is ready to go in less than 30 minutes.
  2. Aluminium Pizza Peel: Need proof that the EGG is more than just another braai? How about turning it into a pizza oven? The pizza peel is the perfect tool to quickly and safely get your baked goodies into and out of the EGG.
  3. Flavour Injector: Unleash your inner foodie with this accessory preferred by many chefs to get 3D flavour.
  4. Digi Q: The ultimate EGGcessory for the gadget-guy or girl!
  5. Ash Pan: Like a self-cleaning oven, the EGG requires very minimal cleaning. From time to time, you do want to use the Ash Tool to empty any ash build up into the Ash Pan.
  6. Premium Tool Set: Just what the Braaimaster needs to show off their braai skill!
  7. Big Green Egg Cookbook: Even the best cooks need a bit of cooking inspiration from time to time.
  8. EGG Nest Cover: Made from ventilated, heavy-duty fabric, this cover offers weatherproof protection to your EGG.
  9. Dual Probe Remote Thermometer: Big Green Egg’s best selling thermometer!
  10. Jack Daniels Wood Chips: Our wood chips and chunks are very popular, with the Jack Daniels chips offering a robust smoky aroma to steak, poultry or veal.


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