We catch up with another 2013 Great Steak League winner, Sally Ann van Heerden.

“The EGG is by far my favourite way to cook.”

What was on the menu for the first EGG cookout?

Brazilian cuts of steak – marinated in our family’s secret sticky sauce and served with Portuguese rolls and caprese salad.

How have you progressed since then and what’s been the most ambitious meal cooked on the EGG?

I’ve got used to the EGG now but we still like to keep things simple. A Sunday roast pork with baked apples for family and friends is about as ambitious as it gets around here.

How often do you use your EGG and what is the most popular item?

We use our EGG almost every weekend if we are at home. Roast Pork is probably the most popular – it’s easy to get the crackling done to perfection on the EGG.

Why would you recommend someone enters the Steakhunter competition or invest in an EGG?

The EGG is by far my favourite way to cook.  I always left braaiing to the boys until I won my EGG.  It’s so user friendly and in terms of what one can cook on it… The sky is the limit.


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