Big Green Egg’s Big Launch

What an amazing night! Chef Luke Dale Roberts and his team at The Pot Luck Club were terrific and prepared the most delicious 4 course meal on the Big Green Egg. Here’s some of the Tweets that’s been doing the rounds …

  • CaroFood24 @ldrchef @food24 everything was so YUMMY!!!! I want 1 of these big green eggs!!! Now to make the husband pay up-mmm #biggreenegg
  • aisphilips #biggreenegg yumminess  🙂 wish I could eat it all over again
  • Eat_Out Blown away by the pork rib with bark beer and doenjang glaze cooked on the Big Green Egg. Fantastic range of flavours @ldrchef
  • realmencancook Luke’s pork belly done in the Big Green Egg
  • CaroFood24 Has anyone heard about The Big Green Egg? It’s like a Weber but better with a 50 year guarantee! Omg. And  @ldrchef is cooking.. Nice@food24
  • drizzleanddip Just eaten a slow roasted carrot cooked by @ldrchef that is without a doubt the best carrot I have ever eaten #biggreenegg


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