Let’s face it, burgers have always been popular, but right now they are definitely experiencing a bit of a moment. Some burger lovers are settling for nothing but the works (pickle, relish, mayo, cheese and more) while others are opting for a more “streamlined” burger consisting of one or two toppings chosen with great care and consideration. Throw the banting / paleo / LCHF options into the mix and you have a myriad of choices when it comes to the humble hamburger. Whichever category you fall into, it’s safe to say that the days of over processed meat packed in between two generic buns with a lick of tomato sauce, are well and truly over.

Now is an exciting time in the food world. Think quality protein such as delicately smoked chicken, slow cooked beef brisket or pork butt or a black bean vegetarian option for the insides of your burger. Top these with homemade aioli, chutney or marmalade and sandwich it in between a perfectly baked bread roll or slices of brioche. Using avocados as “buns” are a thing too and, although a bit impractical, worth giving a bash!

meat-burger-pressSo, why not grab a few friends and create your own “Burger Bar”. If you’re going the ground beef  route, get the best quality you can afford from your butcher (look at a 20/80 ratio fat ratio)  and make sure you have either the EZ Stuff-a-Burger Press or Stainless Steel Mini-Burger Slider Basket to play with. If you’re considering some of the other proteins we’ve mentioned, have a look at our recipes page for some inspiration. Get your fillings ready and laid out nicely together with the various accompaniments. Now, give your guests free reign as to how they would like to assemble their own unique burger creation!

While we’re not exactly fans of “trends” (the EGG has been around for over 40 years!) we think this is definitely one to have fun with!

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