Whether based on fact, cultural conditioning or clever marketing, there seems to be a difference between how men and women view desserts. If TV ads are to be believed, a tub of Häagen Daz is quite acceptable as a cure for women’s heartbreak while men prefer to “sweat it out” at the gym or over a pint with mates. Women, we’re told, reach for a salad and quiche whereas steaks and pies are for the sole enjoyment of men. Even chocolates are aimed at one sex or another: Can you really picture a big bloke delicately crumbling a Flake into his mouth? But, it’s entirely possible to imagine a fireman deftly unwrapping a Bar One in his quest to conquer the 25 hour day. In 2002, Nestle relaunched the Yorkie chocolate bar in the UK. Said their marketing director, “We felt that we needed to take a stand for the British bloke and reclaim some things in his life, starting with his chocolate.”

This Father’s Day we’re doing the same – we’re reclaiming puddings for Dads everywhere! Particularly, puddings you can make on the braai because this is, after all, South Africa and here we braai everything…

We bring you the Top 7 Father’s Day Puddings with inspiration from some of our global Big Green Egg distributor partners:

  1. Mosbolletjie Amarula Milk Tart Jaffles
  2. Banana French Toast
  3. Grilled Coconut Rum French Toast with Bacon (what can we say, French toast is a winner)
  4. Sticky Date and Toffee pudding
  5. Stuffed Smoked Apples
  6. Smoked Chocolate Brownies
  7. Lemon Curd and Hot Cross Bun “Bread and Butter” pudding

Happy Father’s Day!

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