Braised and Charred Black Current Pork Belly


Pork Belly

  • 12 kg Pork belly (Pressed and cured then spice rub)
  • 2 kg Cherry wood chips
  • 2 kg Hickory wood chips
  • 1 kg Dry rub spice

Apple Puree

  • 200 Apples (Core and dice)
  • 3 kg Butter (Diced)
  • 1 kg Brown sugar
  • 2 l Water
  • 3 kg Julienne Carrot
  • 10 kg Broccoli
  • Salt Season to taste

For the pork belly

  1. Prepare the green egg to smoke the pork belly, using cherry and hickory wood chips to 110 – 130°C.
  2. Trim off any excess skin and fat off the pork belly and slice into 50mm cubes and place into a large bowl, add olive oil and dry rub and liberally coat.
  3. Place the pork belly cubes onto a wire rack in the green egg and smoke for approximately 3hours. The desired colour is dark red colour.
  4. Remove the pork belly cubes from smoker and place into a foil pan and add the sauce, butter and honey and stir well to coat, then cover with foil and return to the green egg smoker and allow to cook for an hour or until internal temperature is 90-95°C. then remove the foil and continue to smoke for 15-20mins then serve.

For the Apple puree

  1. Prepare the apples so long for the apple puree. Peel and core the apples then dice them into cubes.
  2. Place the apples in a pot, add butter, brown sugar, a pinch of salt and water and cook the apples until they have a mushy texture. This will take approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Once cooked, pour the contents into a blender and blitz up until smooth, adjust the seasoning adding either salt or sugar as desired.
  4. Pass the apple puree through a fine sieve and store in the fridge once cooled down until it is required.

For the vegetables:

  1. Carrots, peel and julienne. Broccoli remove outer leaves, leaving the florets attached to the stalk.
  2. Blanch vegetables separately in boiling salt water for 2 minutes.
  3. Toss the vegetables in melted butter and adjust seasoning.

To serve:

  1. To serve, warm up all contents, spoon the puree onto the plates, followed by the broccoli and pork belly and garnish the pork belly with julienne carrots and drizzle the sauce around the plate and serve immediately.

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