Cauliflower Cheese


If you’re here for a pale, pasty, school dinner throwback, you’re in the wrong place. Ross’s take on cauliflower cheese is rich and creamy, with bite, depth and two celebrated British cheeses for an extra layer of gooey complexity. The best part? The cauliflower is given room to shine through as this recipe’s hero. Just the way it should be. 


6 People

Ready in

25-30 Minutes

EGG mode



Big Green Egg UK kitchen

Equipment required

EGGspander System

Ceramic Baking Stone halves

Stainless Steel Grid, or ConvEGGtor and Stainless Steel grid.

Baking tray.


1 x whole cauliflower, cut into large florets and blanched in milk until just cooked

710 ml whole milk

30 ml white wine

25 grams of butter

25 grams of flour

500 grams good mature cheddar

250 grams crumbled Stilton

25 grams Panko breadcrumbs

1 tsp English mustard

Egg SetUp

Bring your EGG to 180c. Set up the EGG for indirect cooking.


Blanch your cauliflower in the milk until just cooked and drain. Keep the milk.

Make a classic roux in a saucepan: combine the butter and flour and cook until the mixture turns to a blonde colour. Add the white wine, bring to the boil, and stir until combined. Now gradually add the poaching milk from the cauliflower, bringing to the boil each time you add more.

Once the sauce is thick and smooth, add the cheddar and mustard. Stir on a simmer until combined.

Add your cauliflower to a suitable dish big enough to fit on your EGG. Cover in the cheese sauce. Sprinkle with Stilton and breadcrumbs then place into your EGG for 25-30 minutes, when it should be bubbling and golden.

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