As far as SA food bloggers go, Sam Linsell must be one of our favourites. Sam is no food snob – she cooks real food, real good, all the while making it look elegantly effortless! Browsing her blog, Drizzle and Dip, is a favourite pastime of ours here at the Big Green Egg office. It’s dangerously decadent and has resulted in many of us clocking out for an “early lunch” (when the hunger pangs get too intense, you see…)

We caught up with Sam on all things “Easter”.

What is your earliest / favourite Easter memory?

Easter egg hunts in the garden and stealing my sisters stashed eggs when mine ran out. I ate all mine in one go.

If you could identify one flavour / smell that epitomises Easter in South Africa, what would it be? 

I think it’s the smell of spicy toasted hot cross buns with butter melting in.

Your Leg of lamb with spicy yoghurt marinade is one of our personal favourites and one many Big Green Egg newbies will try this Easter. What is your one “fool-proof” tip to getting lamb right – every year? 

I’m generally a fan of cooking lamb low and slow – so, the longer the better.

We love your seasonal approach to cooking. With Easter falling over the beginning of Autumn, what’s your favourite seasonal fruit or veg and how do you incorporate it? 

I love Autumn and the anticipation of the cooler Winter months while the weather is still nice to get out and about. I always think of apple pie and poached quince.

What does Sam Linsell’s Easter 2016 look like? 

Easter is falling at the end of March this year which is really early and I’m hoping to go away. I don’t have any plans yet but I would love to go up the west coast.

So, follow Sam’s advice of cooking your Easter lamb slow and low this year and you won’t get it wrong! Better, yet, pop a convEGGtor into your Big Green Egg and you’re virtually assured of success.

Sam Linsell has created a number of delicious dishes on her Big Green Egg. Besides her lamb recipe mentioned above, she has turned out some divine Sticky chipotle barbeque ribs, very cool vegetarian Aubergine pizza with basil pesto and goats cheese and many more. Go check out her blog – it won’t disappoint.

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