Not that you need an excuse to “EGG”, but if you do, what can be more noble than firing up the Big Green Egg to make edible gifts for those nearest and dearest? If you happen to eat most of it before it leaves the house, that’s fine too – we don’t judge!

We’ve scoured the net and our own treasure trove of Big Green Egg recipes for our top edible gifts you can – and should – make this year.

Happy EGGing!

  1. Christmas Cake – if you were organised, you would have baked this dream already and started feeding it. If not, give it a try next year…
  2. Boozy Rosemary and Peach Bacon Jam
  3. Beer Glazed Pecan nuts
  4. Chocolate Brownies with Smoked Ganache
  5. Homemade Bacon Salt (tip: when cooking the bacon on your Big Green Egg, make use of the new  Plancha Griddle)
  6. Potato Truffle Chocolate Cake
  7. Sam Linsell’s Roasted Peppers
  8. Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce
  9. Zucchini Bread
  10. Macaroons, delicate as anything and baked in the Big Green Egg. Seriously.
  11. Smoked Strawberry Coulis

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